A Declarative API for Host Network Management

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At the end of each development sprint, a demo is presented describing new capabilities of nmstate.

Date: 23 May 2018

List all links on the node and control the links (admin) state.


Demo-2: Bonds and Static IPv4

Date: 13 Jun 2018

Create a bond over several slaves and define an IPv4 static address.


Create a bond interface and change their members with Ansible.


Demo-3: OVS Bridge

Date: 5 Jul 2018

Create an OVS bridge and connect a system interface to it.


Demo-4: Revert when state change fails

Date: 6 September 2018

NMState now supports checking whether changing the Network Manager config actually results in the state that the user specified. To demonstrate this, a property of virtual network interfaces is used. They silently ignore changes to their speed settings. So when a speed is set that the card does not accept, the Network Manager configuration is changed for a short time. When the verification of the state fails, NMState reverts the configuration back to its previous state.